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Herbie the Cat
Look Into His Scared But Beautiful Green Eyes
Herbie the Cat
Hours from Being Saved
Put Down Before Being Given a Second Chance

Time Ran Out For Herbie
And For So Many More Dogs & Cats
Who Could Have Been Saved

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Herbie's E-Mail Time Line
These E-Mails Demonstrate Tracey Was Notified on the 16th Someone Was Interested in Adopting Herbie
Note: I had also called Tracey Saturday {16th} afternoon and left a voice mail that I was interested in adopting Herbie
Scroll to the bottom of the page to see Herbie's official BASE file. I was within 2-1/2 hours of saving Herbie before they put him down

Text Time Line of Herbie's Story
Saturday 11-16-13
  • 3:36 PM Received initial notice Herbie needed help
  • 4:52 E-Mailed friend asking the cost to adopt Herbie
  • 5:30 *Called Tracey, asked for wrong person, told had wrong number
  • 5:33 *Left voice message to let he know I was interested in adopting Herbie
  • 9:12 PM Friend e-mails Tracey to get let her know I is interested in adopting Herbie and adoption fee
  • NTG Tracey in same e-mail forwarded to me replies to Friend's request for price {$70}
  • 9:19 Friend e-mails the cost of adoption given to her by Tracey
    Sunday 11-17-13
  • 5:17 AM I e-mail Friend confirming I wanted to adopt Herbie
  • 3:04 PM I e-mail Friend I would adopt Herbie on Monday
  • *Phone records not a part of this text documentation
    NTG=No Time Given. There was not a time noted on the e-mail

    Actual E-Mail Documentation of Events
    Original E-Mail Sent to Me by Friend Sat 11/16/13 3:36 PM

    Sent: Sat 11/16/13 3:36 PM
    Please pass around, lets see if we can't get this baby a home for the holidays.

    Please cross post


    Rescue Coordinator

    Brevard County Animal Services
    321 253 6608 shelter
    XXX XXX 9616 cell

    South Animal Care Center (SACC) 5100 W. Eau Gallie Boulevard Melbourne, FL 32935

    Herbie is a cat who has no hope left. His owner was living in bad conditions, with no electricity or running water and had to give up his only friend, Herbie. Herbie is around 2 years old and has no idea what has happened. All he know is that he is in a strange place in a cage. He is unresponsive and just lays in his kennel all day without moving. This beautiful boy is just so sad. Can anyone give him back a reason for living?

    If you have options for Herbie, please let me know immediately.

    ID 625319

    My E-Mail Sent to Friend Sat 11/16/13 4:52 PM

    From: JJ Kool (
    Sent: Sat 11/16/13 4:52 PM



    What does it cost to adopt Herbie?


    The E-Mail Sent by Friend to Tracy at 9:12 PM, Tracey's reply and Friends Reply Sat 11/16/13 9:12 PM

    Herbie is very afraid right now, my heart breaks for him his owner was mentally challenged and could not take care of him Re: Herbie the cat.

    ---- BLUTXXXXX wrote:
    > $70 dollars covers neuter shots tags and micro chip
    > On Sat, Nov 16, 2013 at 9:12 PM, XXXXXX XXXXXX wrote:
    > > Tracey,
    > > I have someone that is interested in this cat. Can you tell me the
    > > adoption fee.
    > > Thank you,
    > > XXXXXXX
    > > "<><"
    > >
    > >

    XXXXXXXX Reply

    On Sat, Nov 16, 2013 at 10:15 PM, wrote:

    Thank you.

    E-Mail Sent by Friend to Me at 9:19 PM, informing of Tracey's reply and the cost to Adopt Herbie Sat 11/16/13 9:19 PM

    Sent: Sat 11/16/13 9:19 PM
    Here is the info. Once again, I will cover part or all of this if you can't. I would rather save his life than
    worry over the money. Let me know.

    $70 dollars covers neuter shots tags and micro chip

    On Sat, Nov 16, 2013 at 9:12 PM, XXXXXX XXXXXX wrote:
    I have someone that is interested in this cat. Can you tell me the adoption fee.
    Thank you,

    XXXXXX "<><"

    The E-Mail I Sent Sunday morning to Friend to confirm to Friend I would adopt Herbie Sun 11/17/13 5:17 AM
    Some info has been redacted to cover personal information.
    From: JJ Kool (
    Sent: Sun 11/17/13 5:17 AM
    Sorry not to answer your e-mail last night. I'm the early to bed type.
    I can get XXXXXX. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Like you I would rather adopt him than see him put down. That would break my heart. Him sitting afraid in the cage will only stress him out and make him less likely to be adopted. amount And because he is so young I may be able to get him to play with my very playful white male cat. my two females keep their distance from him. I had another male act who died last summer who he played with.


    The is the final E-Mail I sent my Friend Sunday afternoon Sun 11/17/13 3:04 PM
    Some info has been redacted to hide personal information.
    From: JJ Kool (
    Sent: Sun 11/17/13 3:04 PM
    I will be there at noon. It will be great to be able to take him home tomorrow. One life saved, a million more to go.

    I will integrate the young boy into the family. At one time I had accumulated eight strays to go with the one cat I was given by ex -wife when she was a kitten {the cat is now 13 years old}. He will be an indoor cat to start and when he is ready he can go outside as my other cats do. I have a wonderful place I rent, wood privacy fenced in with a vacant house in the back that is wood fence also they can play in. My cats stay very close to home, I have them so spoiled. Herbie will be spoiled also. I feed them too good. But being single and so occupied with my dream work and websites they are the perfect companions.


    Do you have a Facebook page? Mine is


    This is the Herbie's official files from BASE
    Notice the last file and the time/date-mthomp 2013-11-18 9:43.19.430-2-1/2 hours before I arrived to adopt Herbie
    {Click on the box in bottom right hand corner to make a full screen view-requires Word}
    Also note the second entry in file: M13-042704     11/17/13.00.00     NOTE     no response from rescue due to behavior and spc {rest covered up}