Go Here to read Herbie's story
To post this image and Herbie's story to Facebook and/or Twitter

The photo with print below is an image that can be copied and saved
The image URL is http://melfla.com/images/herbieclip.html Try it-click on <---link or image below to see it in another window}

To save image: Left click on image and save in your pictures file as 'Herbie'

Post on Twitter: Compose a new tweet. Write tweet using this line {copy/cut/paste}: #Herbiethecat Read Herbie's story at http://melfla.com/Herbie.html
Then click on camera in box. Add 'Herbie' photo from pictures file. Tweet message and photo.
The above blue color is how the Tweet will look. When you copy it do not worry about the color. The same goes for Facebook.

Post on Facebook: Compose on Facebook using this line {the first wording/link will automatically create the above image}: http://melfla.com/Herbieclip.html Read Herbie's story at http://melfla.com/Herbie.html.

Thanks for caring. We can not bring Herbie back but we can save other cats and dogs.